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2600 W Olive Ave #500

Burbank CA 91505, USA

Phone: +1 818 293-1611

Head Office:

8 The Green #11635

Dover, DE 19901, USA




71-75 Shelton St,

Covent Garden,

London WC2H 9JQ,

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 203 861 7904


“I don’t understand why we have to experiment with film.

I think everything should be done on paper.” — Alfred Hitchcock

We develop Film & TV projects on paper.  We do this because many things have changed since Hitchcock's time, but the fundamental approach to the art of creative filmmaking has not.  Our experienced TEAM of Storyboard Artists work with Producers, Executives and Directors to form a complete picture of a film or episodic series in the development phase, by creating -- A PAPER FILM.

STORY and SHOTS are the core creative components of filmmaking, and are devised through creating screenplays and storyboards.  That too has not changed since Hitchcock.

So long as motion picture cameras (physical/virtual) are used to tell stories, and considering that using other methods incur steep costs and offer no benefit to the fundamental screen storytelling, SCREENPLAYS and STORYBOARDS endure as the medium by which stories designed for the screen should be developed. 

Traditionally a project is developed solely in screenplay format.  However, any one screenplay can result in any number of entirely different films.  An understanding of exactly what a given film or episodic show will actually be, is only possible with a director’s analysis and visual resolution of the screen narrative.  Therefore, to ensure that a project is developed as a motion picture rather than simply a screenplay that reads well, we supplement the development process with storyboards

In addition to solving the screen narrative, and for a relatively low investment in 1-3 artists per project, well-devised storyboards  answer A LOT of questions.  Storyboards inform Budgeting, Planning, Locations and VFX, and other costly, highly-staffed divisions of production.   


Work with us.  Make better films, with controlled budgets by thoroughly developing your film or episodic television show before pre-production begins, by first creating - A PAPER FILM.  

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